In a recent interview with Media Tiempo to promote the alliance between Lucha Libre AAA and IMPACT Wrestling, AAA Vice President Dorian Roldan noted that Lucha Underground talent are permitted to appear on IMPACT Wrestling as part of the alliance.

“We worked with Jeff Jarrett for 15 years, it was a very positive relationship. We had a call a couple of months ago so we could work together. We did a lot of chemistry with the equity fund and AAA. Impact has new owners from the name change from being called TNA to Impact Wrestling. Not only do we think about the talent and the stories, but also how we make the scope of our product spread. AAA will assist them in their distribution agreements in Latin America and they offer us presence in different channels.

AAA has already entered the US field, where we have Lucha Underground as an important product and have changed the way of wrestling. We do not see ourselves as competitors, we see ourselves as allies. What makes Lucha Underground more distinct than a league is a television series. I’m not denying that people with Lucha Underground presence can appear on Impact.”

More details are available at this link.