The following results are from a recent Combat Zone Wrestling live event. The event took place at the ECW Arena on January 14th, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Opening Segment
Greg Excellent, Maven Bentley and Roger Argitiani came out to open the show. Bentley commented on the arena as fans chanted “EC-Dub” and “CZ-Dub”. Bentley said that this arena has been home for years and they want to thank people for their support. Roger then thanked various people for their support, the staff in the concession stands and then asked that the locker room comes out to the ring, before stating that he wants to thank everyone who was here and who has gone and someday they might just be back here. Roger said that it was a pleasure to work with Maven Bentley before asking DJ Hyde to come out, who didn’t, before responding and telling Hyde to go “F*** himself” and told everyone to enjoy the show. Bentley noted that they were asked to take down the iconic Hall of Fame banners, however they want Trent Acid, JC Bailey, Chris Cash and others that have passed to know that they are missed and he’s sure they’re watching the ECW Arena farewell tonight amongst us and opened a bottle of champagne, spraying it in their honor. Excellent then reminded everyone that he’s in charge and he’s giving people contracts today, as he just doesn’t care. Excellent then introduced CZW’s old photographer Whacks for a warm-up match for DJ Hyde, who is scheduled to face John Zandig in the main event.

Singles Match
Whacks defeated DJ Hyde

Singles Match
Ryan McBride defeated Derek Frazier.

Singles Match
AR Fox defeated Uhaa Nation.

CZW Tag Team Championship Match
Azrieal and Bandido Jr (c) vs. BLK OUT (Alex Colon and Ruckus) (w/Chrissy Rivera and Robby Mireno) was declared a no contest, due to interference from The Runaways.

CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
Sami Callihan (c) defeated Rich Swann

Intergender Singles Match
Greg Excellent defeated Mia Yim (w/Adam Cole).

In Ring Segment
Danny Havoc came out and said he’s only here because he has unfinished business with Drew Gulak and said that this is Greg Excellent’s show tonight and Excellent wants it to be a good one. Havoc said that he ran into a few people in the bar and invited them to join him in the ring to kick Gulak’s a**, as Homicide, Nick Berk, Adam Flash, Messiah, Nate Webb and The Blue Meanie came out. Gulak then came out and asked why he has to sit in the back and waste his time watching this, as fans chanted “We Want Nick Gage”. Gulak said that Gage can’t be here as he robbed a bank and said that Havoc had nothing better to do than bring out relics in front of his face and said if Havoc hits him he’ll be fined again, before making a joke about Havoc’s wife, resulting in a brawl. Matt Tremont then hit the ring and the match was finally underway.

Singles Match
Drew Gulak defeated Matt Tremont.

Philadelphia Street Fight
Eddie Kingston defeated Joker. Following the match, Kingston got on the mic and said that this is the last CZW event in the building and said that while Eddie Moore was born in New York City, Eddie Kingston was born because of the ECW Arena and said that a lot of times he doesn’t like or care for the fans, but without this place, he was nothing. Kingston said that when he is dying, he doesn’t want to be taken to the hospital, but instead to the ECW Arena, because this is where he was born. Fans started chanting “EC-Dub”, “CZ-Dub” and “Thank You Kingston” as he made his way to the back.

CZW Heavyweight Championship Match
Devon Moore (c) defeated Adam Cole.

Past And Present Ultraviolent Icon Rules Death Match
DJ Hyde defeated John Zandig. Following the match, Hyde celebrated on the top rope however Zandig nailed him from behind with a barbed wire chair and put him through a pane of glass sitting on top of chairs and then clotheslined the referee. Zandig took the mic and said that he done that to the referee because he can and it felt good, before putting over Nick Gage, Wifebeater, Nick Mondo and countless others who couldn’t be here tonight. Zandig said that it’s not about the building, but instead about the young guys who started in the company and worked their a** off every time and then apologized to his daughter that he didn’t win tonight. Zandig said that tonight may be his last match and said that because it was the last ECW Arena event, he wanted to be here for the fans and the boys in the back. Zandig then thanked JC Bailey, Larry Sweeney, Trent Acid, Chris Cash and anyone else who he is forgetting for making his life fun on the road before telling DJ Hyde that he might be the owner of this company, but he’ll never be what CZW is to the rest of the roster.