In an interview on The Damn Good Wrestling Podcast, WWE commentator and NXT commissioner John “Bradshaw” Layfield commented on his experience at WWE NXT, what stars are ready for the main WWE roster, the process of calling someone to the main roster and much more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On the one name he’d call up to the main roster and the process of calling someone up: “Adrian Neville. Not a doubt in my mind. I think he’s just phenomenal. I don’t know about his promo skills as I haven’t seen them as much, but he’s a guy who could go out there and perform on any card, anywhere in the world and be a help to that card. I would love to see him up in the WWE. He’ll be there, I just don’t know the time frame. You don’t want to bring guys in just to bring them in, you want to bring them in and make an impact with them like they have with these other guys and I think that’s why it takes longer sometimes than what people want.”

On his experience at WWE NXT: “It’s a revitalisation for me. I haven’t been around anything other than the WWE for 15-20 years and so for me to see more of how I started and the passion, not just with the performers but with the crowd down there, it’s a great environment.”

On the list of English names at WWE NXT: “I believe Paige will be a big star, but as far as shaking up the Divas division goes, that remains to be seen. I hope she does, but you don’t know until they get there. Danny Burch, I saw him cut a promo the other day, which I thought was phenomenal, in fact I told him afterwards that it was one of the best promos I’ve heard done in recent memory. I’m a big fan of his and I think he will do well, it’s just a matter of finding a spot for him.”

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