Former TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter, who is now a minority share holder in the company, effectively removing her from the decision making of the company, is not expected at this week’s television tapings, either on camera or behind the scenes, according to a report from

The report notes that internally, this being seen as Dixie is done in terms of being the point person in company deals, creative decisions and more and that it appears as if her final appearance for the company would have been her appearance for Gail Kim’s TNA Hall of Fame induction back in October 2016, while the last official communication she had with the TNA talent roster was during a November 2016 conference call following the exits of Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana.

The report further states that “Big” John Gaburick will be heading production at this week’s television tapings and that representatives of Aroluxe are in Orlando, Florida working on the production, meaning that they are still involved in the process as well, but whether Aroluxe has ended up with a minority stake in the company has not been confirmed.