With various professional wrestling fans from the United Kingdom and Ireland asking me via Twitter and e-mail as to when the WWE Network would be available through Sky, it appears there is some bad news, for now.

In speaking with Sky representatives, who have often been keen to help inform us of any changes to WWE’s schedule of events per month, there are no such plans as of writing for the WWE Network to air outside of the United States and will not be available to Sky TV subscribers for now, however WWE programming such as WWE RAW, WWE SmackDown, WWE NXT, WWE Superstars, WWE Bottom Line, WWE Afterburn and WWE Vintage Collection along with various WWE Specials, will continue to be carried on Sky Sports channels as per the company’s existing agreement in place with World Wrestling Entertainment. Sky TV noted that unlike their Sky Sports F1 HD channel scheduled to launch in March, they currently have no carraige rights for the WWE Network and that any other queries should be directed towards the WWE themselves.

What makes this really odd is in speaking to Sky TV representatives at the beginning of the month, I was informed that if Sky TV subscribers were subscribed to both Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2, they would receive the WWE Network automatically in 2012 and otherwise it would be £10 or €12 per month without a subscription to the above channels. With Sky TV asking their subscribers to contact WWE about the WWE Network and the WWE asking their fanbase in the United Kingdom and Ireland to contact their local TV provider, it certainly is a messy situation and seems that as of writing, the WWE Network will only be launching in North America.