The following results are from a recent edition of TNA Impact Wrestling. The event took place on October 24th, 2013 at the Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, Utah and aired at 9pm Eastern on Spike TV.

Opening Segment
The show opened up with highlights from TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view and AJ Styles telling Dixie Carter that he had her belt, he has the leverage and as a result, Dixie is going to pay. Dixie is then shown stating that AJ would be defending the title in a rematch against Bully Ray tonight.

In Ring Segment
Dixie Carter came to the ring and says that tonight is not about her, but another very important person and says that she may have made a mistake, but needs to clean that up tonight and says she’s not one for focusing on the past and prefers to focus on the future. Dixie says that the future is a legend in TNA and a man that overcame all the odds at the Bound For Glory event. Dixie introduced AJ Styles who made his way to the ring. Dixie said that she’s not expecting a thank you or anything and says that the last 6 weeks have been about her motivating AJ to get back to himself and that she’s here to help him and her brilliance has brought him back to the TNA World Championship. Dixie says that AJ claimed that she would have to pay and she’s ready to do so, including a fancy private dressing room almost as nice as hers. Dixie then takes out a watch and says that the one she gave Hulk Hogan was bought used on Craigslist, but this watch is a one of a kind item. Dixie then unveiled a new car near the stage and says that she’s ready to pay AJ what he wants. AJ smirks and says that it sounds like Dixie thinks he’s going to be on her team and that Dixie always tries to manipulate and if she thought this is what he meant by making her pay, then Dixie is going to wish that it was that easy. AJ says that rednecks are truck guys, so that car doesn’t work for him and says that he’s worked for everything that he’s got in this business and the last thing he wants to do is seperate himself from the guys in the back that helped build TNA Wrestling all because of “special treatment”. Styles tells Dixie that she could have avoided this months ago, however she didn’t believe in him and bet against him, which saw her lose.

Dixie says that AJ is a little upset and says that she stepped out of line at Bound For Glory and tells AJ that he doesn’t have to face Bully tonight and that he can get on her private jet, fly somewhere fun and talk about his contract. Dixie says that all AJ has to do is agree to that and they will move forward. Dixie promises that she will cancel the match tonight, however The Aces & Eights music hits as Bully Ray and Brooke make their way to the ring. Bully asks Dixie if he heard her correctly and said that he didn’t travel to see his title shot taken away. Styles interrupts and says that Bully will like what he has to say if he can keep his mouth shut long enough. Styles says that Bully will get his shot and if Dixie thinks that he’s flying off with her, then she’s dumber than everyone thought. Styles says that he didn’t come here tonight to do nothing, he came to defend his title, because that’s what a Champion does and says that once again tonight, he’s going to beat Bully Ray in the ring and there’s nothing he can do about it. Bully reminds AJ that he’s fighting him tonight and isn’t fighting a fight against Dixie and says that AJ got lucky at Bound For Glory and that there’s no way he’ll beat him again. Bully puts the blame on Earl Hebner and says that he kicked out but Hebner didn’t catch it and says that he’ll beat AJ tonight and take back his Championship. The two go back and forth hyping the match, however Bully sucker punches AJ and holds up the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Bully continues his attack and goes to powerbomb AJ through a table, however the lights went out. The lights then came back on with Mr. Anderson standing on the stage. Anderson makes his way to the ring and attacks Bully, who retreats

Anderson gets on the mic and says that he’s missed the place and says the person he really missed was Bully Ray and says that his neck feels fine now and that he’s been sitting at home for the last couple of months watching Bully’s actions week by week and says that the boys in the back are getting sick and tired of it. Dixie makes her way out with security and says that Ken Anderson is not authorized to be in her ring and requests that the security handcuff Anderson and take him out of the ring. Anderson laughs it off and says that Dixie is into handcuffs. Anderson continues to joke and says that he hasn’t been arrested in quite some time and attacks security, however Anderson is eventurally handcuffed and dragged out of the arena.

Tag Team Match
Gail Kim & Brooke (w/Lei’D Tapa) defeated Velvet Sky & ODB.

Singles Match
Ethan Carter III defeated Dewey Barnes. Post-match, EC3 got on the mic and said that he’s a Carter and that the world needs them.

Backstage Segment
Footage of Sting vs. Magnus from Bounf For Glory was shown. The camera then cut to Sting who said that he hopes the match will help Magnus take off. Magnus says that he didn’t show Sting enough respect after their match when he just brushed Sting off, however Sting says that he’s not worried and is still wondering whether he passed the torch to Magnus or lit a fire under him. Magnus says that it’s Sting’s world and he’s just living in it and offers to shake hands, which Sting accepts.

In Ring Segment
Kurt Angle came to the ring and said that last weekend was a tough weekend for him to forget and that it was a rollercoaster ride of emotion and that when he got in the ring with Sting to accept the Hall of Fame induction, he couldn’t accept it because he has so much more to prove, but when that times comes, he will rightfully take his place in the TNA Hall of Fame. Angle says that the match with Roode was one of the most physical matches he has ever had and it definitely took a toll on his body. Angle goes to continue, however Bobby Roode interrupts. Roode walks out and gets in Angle’s face and says that it’s pathetic to listen to Angle’s excuses and says that the real reason Angle declined the TNA Hall of Fame induction was because deep down, Kurt knew that he couldn’t beat Bobby Roode and says that it was a wise choice too because he beat Angle fair and square in the middle of the ring. Roode says that for 2 long years, he lived with the feeling of failure following his loss at the 2011 Bound For Glory event against Angle and that he lived with that feeling in his gut for 2 years and now it’s time for Kurt to live with that feeling of failure. Angle says that Bobby may be one bad man, but he isn’t better than him and he won’t make any excuses, but he’s issuing a challenge to face Roode right now. Roode says that he wants to, but he can’t and better yet, Angle can’t. Roode shoves a piece of paper to Angle and says that Angle tore cartilage in his knee and isn’t cleared to wrestle and says that as much as he’d love to kick Angle’s a** once again, he just simply isn’t allowed to. Angle says that he doesn’t know where Roode got the paper, however Roode is right that he isn’t cleared to wrestle, but that means that he isn’t cleared to fight and punches Roode in the face. Angle goes to continue his attack, however security run out and break up the two.

Backstage Segment
Bully Ray is in the back and flips out at The Aces & Eights members and says that Anderson came back for revenge and says that Anderson has always been selfish and that he needs the guys to keep an eye on Anderson tonight to make sure that he doesn’t come back and while they’re doing that, he’s going to compose his will on AJ Styles. As The Aces & Eights go to leave, Bully tells them to get the job done.

In Ring Segment
BroMans (Robbie E & Jessie Godderz) make their way to the ring for a Cele-Brotion and drink champagne as they make their way to the ring. Robbie E says that Sunday was the biggest night in BroMans history, however before he can even continue, James Storm & Gunner come out and interrupt. Gunner starts eating protein bars, as Storm turns over the turntables of the DJ in the ring. Storm opened the champagne and started chugging it as Gunner ate more protein bars. Storm says that they’re taking the alcohol and protein bars, but Robbie can keep the rest. Storm says that BroMans are going to have the shortest TNA Tag Team Championship reign, as next week, they’re going to kick the hell out of them and once again become Tag Team Champions. Storm goes to continue, however Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) interrupt. Kazarian interrupts and says that he doesn’t know what’s going on, but he’s looking in the ring as 2 bros with one brain, a crying cowboy and a pretend viking and reminds them that Bad Influence are the best tag team in the business and that they want a title shot to once again become the World Tag Team Champions of the World. Daniels says he has a problem and that’s the beverages for a party and that beer is for the lower class and that you don’t drink champagne unless you’re a poser. Daniels says that if you’re going to celebrate a gentleman’s victory, you do it with a man’s drink, an appletini. Storm takes the drink and sips it and then tells Gunner to get rid of it, however Gunner tosses it in Daniels face as all 3 teams start brawling. Eric Young and Joseph Park hit the ring, however Daniels breaks a bottle over Park’s head busting him open. Park goes into “Abyss” mode and chokeslams Jesse.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
AJ Styles (c) defeated Bully Ray (w/Brooke). Ken Anderson came out during the match and distracted Bully Ray, allowing AJ to pick up the victory. Post-match, Anderson attacked Bully Ray and brawled around ringside. Dixie Carter was then shown on screen with a contract in her hand and said that if AJ Styles wants her attention, he has it now and says that she’s coming to the ring and AJ Styles better not leave.

In Ring Segment
Dixie came out and says that AJ turned her down earlier tonight and that her strategy must have been a little off, however she has a brand new contract for AJ, one that is full of everything that AJ could ever want and one with more zero’s that AJ has ever seen and holds up keys, saying that the car can be a signing bonus irregardless. Dixie says that she wants AJ in TNA Wrestling and wants him to sign the contract so that they can put everything behind them and move forward. AJ looks over the contract and says that it’s an amazing offer by a horrible human being and says that Dixie uses people to pad her bank account, buy fancy cars and million dollar homes on the blood, sweat and tears of every man and woman that has ever stepped inside the TNA ring and says that Dixie didn’t believe him 2 months ago and now, he’s out of contract. AJ rips up the contract and says that if Dixie thought this was about money, then she’s wrong and says that money can’t fix her problem. AJ says that Dixie doesn’t respect him or the people, so as he said, he’s going to make Dixie pay by walking away with the TNA World Championship. AJ then says on second thought, he has a better idea, as he takes the car keys, jumps in the car and leaves the arena with the title.