In an interview with the Card Subject To Change podcast, UK independent wrestling talent and WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament competitor Joseph Conners discussed a variety of topics, including the popularity of the British wrestling scene.

“British wrestling at the time when you had the World of Sport and was when you had massive crowds in British Wrestling, and British Wrestling was a massive focal point on television. When I was getting into it there was a couple of promotions like the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, 1PW was around at the time, and they were the companies that had the bigger supershows and mass, big crowds.

But when I first started, if we had a hundred in the audience that was huge. And you still get those numbers in certain shows now but we’re very fortunate now in wherever I seem to go, it doesn’t matter what show it is, it’s always predominantly a packed house or there’s five hundred plus, six hundred plus, sometimes thousands, and we’re kind of spoilt at the moment. Everyone’s talking about it but British Wrestling has this sort of epicenter around it in terms of professional wrestling at the moment.”

The interview is available in full at this link.