On a recent edition of her Making Their Way To The Ring podcast, former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia commented on several topics, including a potential WWE Hall of Fame induction, her struggles with bulimia, her first night announcing in WWE and more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On a potential WWE Hall of Fame induction: “Why that makes me cry? Seriously guys, if I ever got that call I don’t even know how I can contain myself. Like it would mean that much to me. Like this business is something I absolutely love. It is my attachment to my Dad for sure and it’s just something that has been so, the journey is so incredible and all I ever wanted to do was do my best, you know? And just really go out there and make the stars shine with the announcement. I mean I think the announcing is so important, it sets up the whole thing, it really does. And to have, let me just tell ya, I feel like in ways that I’ve already won because of so many fans that have tweeted me and have sent messages. You even saying, you know it’s gonna happen, no, I can’t even …because there’s so many amazing people that have been inducted. But the fans already saying this, you saying that, that to me-WOW! That already has already meant so much to me.”

On her struggles with bulimia: “So what happened was they wanted me to be in a swimsuit competition the next, I don’t know if it was a few weeks later or whatever. I had never done a swimsuit competition…In the pageants I had; however, it was a long time I’ve been in the pageants. I also had since the pageants I had suffered from bulimia. I became very self-conscious with my body and the thought of parading my body in the middle of a ring for you know, people to look at was mortifying to me. I also though, when I told WWE that I didn’t feel comfortable about this and I mean I was really freaking out, I was in tears. I couldn’t even explain to them why because I hadn’t really come free and out in the open saying I had suffered from bulimia, I have body issues and so this is a really horrible thing for me to put myself in. I just-I’m gonna, I’ll break down right in the middle of the ring, I will I just know it. I had total respect for anyone who wants to do it, like I don’t care, you know if that’s what you wanna do, but for me, my personal thing…I struggled, the worst part about it I think was probably three years and then I finally got help. I threw up 15 times in one day…I drove around to different-McDonalds and then I’d go over to 7-Eleven and I’d throw up there. And I was just really going through a lot and in my life, I just remember feeling like I had no control. I was in college actually, I remember I was in college during this time…You know how I became-I just remembered now. I never had a weight issue at all growing up, but here’s the thing. I never had a weight issue, I hit college and all of the sudden my metabolism changed and now all of a sudden I’m gaining weight and I don’t know how to deal with it. And so that was the time where it just became popular to do that so I started doing that. And then it became-I lost control, I thought I was in control, I lost control. Plus that was before you knew it was bad for this, bad for that, all of a sudden my teeth are turning gray. It was just crazy…So anyway, that was the day I threw up blood actually and that’s when I said ‘I gotta get help’. So I went and got help and thank God for the guy, he was pretty fast at helping me out, patient, but it still lingers with me throughout the years and when I say linger, you will have an episode. It triggers, you throw up and then you go ‘ugh’ and then you’re like stay clean for a while and then you’ll have an episode and that went on for a few years.”

On her first night ring announcing for WWE: “Twenty minutes before I’m going live they told me I cannot use cue cards…I had it written out because Tony Chimel helped me that afternoon and I had it written out. Thank God for photographic memory, because what I did then right before I went up-I literally, I’ve never been at a point where I thought I was gonna get so sick that I was about, I literally when he told me no cue cards twenty minutes before I’m going to go live and I’m already irate. And I was like, ‘ bad time for a joke.’ And they’re like ‘ no, no, no Kevin Dunn does not like, this is not boxing, you can’t.’ But I’m like, ‘But I don’t know anybody here and now I gotta know their weights, and their towns, what type of match it is, and if they hold the title ‘… I literally wanted to run ten minutes before we were going live, I wanted to run. I saw myself literally getting up and bolting outta there.”

The show is available in full at this link.