Main Event Madness sent out the following:

It All Begins Again!

We are back, Main Event Madness is back, but first, there are a few personal things that Main Event Madness would like to address. We are aware that it has been a long-time that we have been off-air, which we discussed would be the case in the last episode that we uploaded. First of all, we would like to say thank you to those of you who have continued to listen to our previous episodes while we have been on hiatus and we appreciate you doing that more than you know. We would also like to offer our thanks to Wayne Daly of Wrestling-News.Net and Greg DeMarco of Yes! Wrestling for giving us the opportunity to come back on the airwaves and be featured on their respective websites.

As we’ve been mentioning, Main Event Madness is back, however, gone are the days of the show being a live radio show, as we have made the decision to put the show out as a weekly podcast that will be uploaded at LEAST once per week going forward. In this day and age, we understand that on demand listening is key and that is what we want to give you, our listeners. We want you to have the most ease and most ability to listen to our show going forward.

Now, to address the main matter at hand. Main Event Madness will return NEXT WEEK. That’s right folks, next week we will have a show available with our reactions to Survivor Series, the WWE NXT Takeover: War Games special as well as the latest news across the professional wrestling scene. The shows will be available on iTunes via the Pro Wrestling Dot Biz Radio Network, Podbean, YouTube, Stitcher, Tune-In Radio, Wrestling-News.Net, Yes! Wrestling and more down the road.

So again, to reiterate, we will be back NEXT WEEK! We will have some guests down the line, and some new segments, some guest co-hosts, and just a fresh take on the Main Event Madness show overall. Thank you again for your support so far, and we hope you embark on this next chapter of Main Event Madness along with us! See you in a couple weeks everyone!