During an interview with the Miami Herald, WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio, who spent the majority of 2013 out with an injury, noted that he may not return full-time to the ring until next year.

During the interview, Mysterio noted, “I think if I don’t do it by the end of the year, then next year. I would hate to push myself instead of taking my time. I want to make a good return, and not being absent shortly after my return. It’s something I’m still debating. I’m going to listen to my body. I’m definitely still motivated and feel the urge to be in the ring. I’ve always told myself the day I don’t feel that anymore is the day I need to say, ‘That’s it.’ I still have some years inside me that I want to push forward, I want to go out and entertain. I miss it. I really do. I miss being out there and the interaction with the fans. I miss the applause and the 619 chants. I’m hoping that God still gives me a couple of more years for me to perform.”

The last several years of Mysterio’s WWE run have been hampered by injuries. Mysterio, who has had a history of knee issues and has missed several Wrestlemanias due to injuries since signing with WWE a decade ago, was injured in the summer of 2011 on a house show. He missed about a year (including a 60 day Wellness Policy suspension while out hurt) and returned in July 2012. He suffered a concussion a month later and by the Fall of 2012, took personal time off due to a family matter. He returned in January 2013, but by March had suffered another knee injury and has undergone a number of surgical procedures since.