WWE SmackDown Live superstar Baron Corbin is reportedly in line for a huge push on the brand later in the year, according to a report from Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer who notes that the company are even higher on Baron Corbin than Braun Strowman, but that the WWE see both men emerging as top heels by the end of this year.

The report notes that the main reason the company did not put Corbin against Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Backlash next month is due to them having plans for Corbin to be in the title hunt later in the year, presumably around SummerSlam time and that they needed someone to take that spot in the meantime, which is why Jinder Mahal was given that opportunity. The report futher notes that the company are considering changing Corbin’s music, based off his musical interests, as well as changing around his promos to make him stand out more as a top star.