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Scott Hall Returns To The Ring

I Believe In Wrestling/Team Vision Dojo sent out the following: Scott Hall was back in the ring last night  at the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando, FL. Along with Larry Zbyszko and Chasyn Rance, he ran the class that included Cody Hall, Tim Zbyszko, Santana Garrett, as well as many others. Photos are posted on  Continue Reading »

Putting An End To Silly Larry Zbyszko Death Reports

To put an end to the silly Larry Zbyszko death reports that had been spreading like wildfire and had actually caused Zbyszko to trend in certain areas of America earlier today, “The Living Legend” is not dead. In speaking to those at Florida based independent wrestling promotion I Believe in Wrestling/Team Vision Dojo, I was  Continue Reading »

Update On Former WWE Stars Scott Hall & Jim Neidhart

In an update on former WWE, WCW and TNA Wrestling superstar Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion was released from a WWE-sponsored rehabilitation facility on March 6th and attended the Team Vision Dojo on March 7th with his son Cody Hall, who is attempting to become a professional wrestler himself. Hall was  Continue Reading »

Video: Son Of Scott Hall Training To Become A Pro Wrestler

The following video, courtesy of YouTube, features footage of Cody Hall, son of former WWE, WCW and TNA Wrestling superstar Scott Hall, who is training at the Team Vision Dojo in his quest to follow in his father’s footsteps and continue the Hall legacy in professional wrestling. The video, featured on Hall’s YouTube page as  Continue Reading »