WWE superstars The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley) appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter last night. Jonathan Coachman welcomed them to the show and talked about the duo putting him through a table several years ago, as well as The Dudleyz using tables as part of their gimmick and connecting with the fans. Bubba Ray Dudley said that they did not think it would get over as well as it did and admitted that they did not invent putting people through a table, but used it in a different way and got the fans involved, while D-Von said that they used to make people mad and then it got popular with the fans by putting wrestlers through tables.

Coach then talked about them putting Mae Young through a table, to which Bubba Ray said that Mae Young was the toughest person he ever met. Bubba said that Mae Young went to Vince McMahon one time and asked if they could put her through a table off of a steel cage and praised Mae for her work in professional wrestling and for her being a good friend of theirs before her unfortunate passing. Coach then discussed the passing of former WWE Women’s Champion and former WWE Intercontinental Champion Chyna. D-Von said that Chyna was the first woman who would fight men and praised her for doing so because the women were not doing that back then, while Bubba said that Chyna was a pioneer and fit the mold for the Attitude Era for a woman and that she would be missed.

Coach then discussed their infamous TLC matches with Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz, to which Bubba said that they were very proud of those matches and that those matches will stand the test of time. D-Von said that it was amazing that they walked out of those matches with no injuries and praised The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian to wrap up the segment.