New Japan Pro Wrestling have released a statement from Tomoaki Honma on their official website, featuring comments from Honma on his injury.

The statement reads, “Jado’s DDT that match was definitely the hardest one I’ve ever felt. After it hit, I noticed I couldn’t feel anything below my neck. I could hear everyone rush to my side, but I couldn’t hear my own voice. I tried to speak, but nothing… Then little by little, things went black. ‘Ahhh, guess this is what it’s like, crossing the river Styx,’ I thought. That’s when I heard a voice calling me. It was an enlightening experience to say the least. I’ve been able move my feet and hands quite a bit since then, but currently I’m still paralyzed from the neck down. So the staff is kindly typing this journal entry for me. While my body may be what it is now, I’m getting better day by day. I’ll focus on my rehabilitation and be back in the NJPW ring for sure. Nothing can quell this burning desire I have to get back in there. Pro wrestling is not broken or at fault here. This was simply an accident between two professionals.”