In an update on the CWF Mid-Atlantic promotion out of North Carolina announcing that they had let Brad Stutts go from his role as lead announcer and booker of the promotion following a meeting with owner Jeff Rudd and Trevor Lee, the most senior member of the company’s locker room, there has been more fallout from Stutts being let go, according to a report from

The report notes that Modern Vintage Wrestling, a promotion that shared Stutts as a booker, cancelled their event scheduled for January 20th, after a number of talents, many of whom were CWF Mid-Atlantic regulars, publicly stated that they would not be appearing on the show, which was scheduled to be headlined by appearances from Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Tommy Dreamer.

Modern Vintage Wrestling also announced that Stutts has stepped down as booker and would no longer be involved in Gimmick Tree Entertainment, a related business that brought talents in for conventions, while Nova Pro Wrestling based in Virginia have announced that they too would be no longer working with Stutts.

Meanwhile, CWF Mid-Atlantic released an additional statement regarding the matter last night stating, “We want to thank the tremendous outpouring of support for CWF Mid-Atlantic in this difficult time. CWF Mid-Atlantic had no choice in this matter. We have standards that we all must adhere to be in a position to represent our company. Our locker room is strong and united over this and we intend to not only persevere, but grow stronger with the dedication of all our team. We ask that our fans stick with us as we move forward. Thank you again for your support!”