WWE released a very in-depth ten minute video today featuring Renee Young sitting down with Mike Kanellis (Mike Bennett) and Maria Kanellis to discuss Mike’s painkiller addiction, the origins of how he became addicted, his decision to come forward and get clean, as well as how he has showed the public that addiction can happen to anyone by being open about his personal battles.

Mike said that the origin of the addiction was a broken rib that he suffered right before a tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling and was one that he could not afford to miss and did not want to cause his tag team partner to lose money, so he asked his doctor for something to get him through the tour and things spiraled out of control from there. Mike said that he did not look like a typical addict, in terms of what people assume an addict would look like and said that Maria and her own family were stunned when they learned what was happening.

We have embedded the interview below. It’s a great interview and well worth watching as both Mike and Maria are open in regards to everything asked.