WWN Live sent out the following:

WWN is excited to announce three Seminar/Tryouts for wrestlers, referees, managers and anyone looking to get into the promoting or creative behind-the-scenes world of pro wrestling. WWN looks to add to the pro wrestling world with these Seminar/Tryouts. They are designed to educate, expose and advance talent both in-the-ring and behind the-scenes. We are looking to share our collective years of experience with you. This is our way of spreading our knowledge to improve the pro wrestling industry.

The schedule is:

– WWN Seminar/Tryout on Jan. 27th in San Antonio, TX at noon CST at the Woodlawn Lake Park Gym on 1103 Cincinnati Avenue. This is the same venue as the EVOLVE event that night. The Seminar/Tryout is hosted by Tracy Williams, Matt Riddle, WWN VP Of Talent Relations & Creative Gabe Sapolsky & WWN President Sal Hamaoui. THIS IS A SPECIAL DISCOUNTED SEMINAR/TRYOUT!

– WWN Seminar/Tryout on March 30th in Orlando, FL at 11am EST at The OLE on 6405 S US Highway 17-92 in Fern Park, FL. This is the same venue as the EVOLVE event that night. The Seminar/Tryout will feature special guests from WWE/NXT and be hosted by Tracy Williams, Matt Riddle, WWN VP Of Talent Relations & Creative Gabe Sapolsky & WWN President Sal Hamaoui.

– WWN Creative Seminar with Gabe Sapolsky on March 31st in Orlando, FL at 8pm EST. at The OLE on 6405 S US Highway 17- 92 in Fern Park, FL. This is the same venue as the EVOLVE event earlier that day. Visit www.WWNLive.com for more info.


The two WWN Seminar/Tryouts are open to any wrestler, referee or manager who has completed a training course. There will be limited spots for WWN Seminar/Tryouts. The format is designed to educate, be a networking opportunity, give quality video footage for you to use to promote yourself, as well as provide you with a chance to be booked in the WWN Family! There have already been over 25 talents booked on WWN Family events from the WWN Seminar/Tryout, including Darby Allin, Jason Kincaid, The Gatekeepers and referee DA Brewer earning fulltime spots in EVOLVE.

Catch Point leader Tracy Williams and former UFC standout Matt Riddle take over as co-head trainers for 2017. This means the Seminar/Tryouts will provide a different educational experience than in previous years. Williams will focus on techniques and principles that are prominent in EVOLVE. Riddle will teach ways to incorporate MMA principles into pro wrestling.

Each Seminar/Tryout will see participants given a five minute tryout match in front of talent evaluators including Sapolsky. The Tryout matches will be taped with multiple cameras in HD and sent to you to use any way you want. This is professional footage needed for modern resumes. You will also receive critiques and evaluations. Sapolsky will share his 23 years for experience and give a lecture on “How To Get Booked” in each Seminar/Tryout. This will be updated for 2017. This is the way to get booked in various promotions, make yourself valuable and the things that will get you to WWE.

The cost of the January 27th Seminar/Tryout is a special rate at only $99 since we are announcing it on short notice. It will include everything mentioned above. The price of the March 30th Seminar/Tryout is $299. This Seminar/Tryout will include everything mentioned above, plus high ranking WWE officials will be in attendance. Last year’s WWN Seminar/Tryout saw special guests Director of WWE Scouting & Talent Development William Regal, WWE Performance Center Head Coach Matt Bloom and Senior Director of Talent Development for WWE Canyon Cemen all give lectures and help evaluate participants. This is the only WWN Seminar/Tryout of the year where we have access to so many top ranking WWE officials at the same time. To take advantage of these learning experiences and opportunities, please fill out the application. This is your chance to improve, learn and get booked!

The 2nd ever WWN Creative Seminar will be hosted by Gabe Sapolsky, who has a resume that includes current WWN VP Of Creative, Ring Of Honor Co-Founder and Booker as well as Personal Assistant To Paul Heyman. This is a rare learning experience and opportunity for anyone who ever wanted to get into the writing, booking, creative, producing or promoting side of professional wrestling. Sapolsky learned from some of the greatest minds in wrestling. He worked closely with Heyman all throughout the ECW years. Sapolsky also learned from veterans along the way and continues to do so with EVOLVE’s association with WWE. He will pass on the booking/writing/producing fundamentals in this Seminar.

The Creative Seminar on March 31st will include:

– A lecture from Sapolsky about how to break into wrestling and grow.

– A lecture on creative principles by Sapolsky. This will be very comprehensive and cover a number of different subjects.

– In a unique learning experience, Sapolsky will go over the EVOLVE 80 card from the previous night and EVOLVE 81 card from that afternoon. He will go over the notes and format sent to the wrestlers and staff. Then in hindsight, we will be able to examine what worked, what didn’t work, what direction is set and why all these things are happening. You are encouraged to watch the EVOLVE 80 and EVOLVE 81 events live to get the most out of this Seminar.

– There will also be a question and answer session.

If you want to find out what it takes to get into the creative side of wrestling, this is the chance you’ve been waiting for. The price for the entire day will be $149. If you are interested, write in a paragraph on what kind of experience you have and why you want to get into wrestling. Put WWN Creative Seminar in the heading. Email it to Help@WWNLive.com. We will respond. Thank you. We are very proud at WWN to offer these three unique Seminars to give back to the wrestling industry. You will leave with the tools to advance. This is opportunity.