Beyond Wrestling have announced that the following matches will take place as part of their “Bish At The Beach” event on Sunday, September 25th at Paddy’s Beach Club in Westerly, Rhode Island.

— The Prize City Hooligans (Alec Price & B3CCA) vs. The Shook Crew (Bryce Donovan & Bobby Orlando).


— Locked And Loaded (Dan Barry & 50 Cal) vs. Teddy Goodz & Little Mean Kathleen.

— Willow Nightingale, Traevon Jordan & Jaylen Brandyn vs. Dustin Waller, Kylon King & Ichiban.

— The Brick City Boyz (Victor Chase & Julio Cruz) vs. Ryan Galeone & Rex Lawless.

— Clara Carreras, Jos A & Jos B vs. Brooke Valentine, Trish Adora & Eel O’Neal.

— Gnarls Garvin vs. Tyree Taylor.

— Tender Weapon (w/Love Doug) vs. Channing Thomas (w/Sidney Bakabella).

— Dezmond Cole vs. Tristen Thai.

PLUS: Ray Jaz scheduled to appear.