– In an interview with The Day in Connecticut, former WWE superstar Abraham Washington (real name Brian Jossie) noted that he was released from the company due to publicizing that he wanted fans to vote for Linda McMahon and that the day he was released, WWE’s VP of Talent Relations Jane Geddes called stating that Jossie’s public support was an error and that for some reason the WWE didn’t want to associate Linda McMahon with anything to do with wrestling because that’s her past and that Vince McMahon didn’t want any association with her campaign and told him that it’s two totally different entities, which he wasn’t aware of, thinking that he was doing a good thing. The full article also features comments from a WWE spokesperson on the matter at this link.

– WWE held a talent meeting prior to last night’s edition of WWE RAW that opened the floor for talent to speak up if they were unhappy and had an issue, to which no one did so. WWE also approached the wrestlers on how to conduct themselves professionally on social media as fans, the media and more eyes are on them at all times.

– Shawn Michaels was stretchered out following last night’s edition of WWE RAW. In speaking to the WWE website following the attack, Triple H noted that HBK’s arm was broken at the hands of the kimura lock from Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman commented on the matter on his Twitter account stating, “I hope @ShawnMichaels recovers from this very quickly. It’s terrible he got taken out before @WWE #SummerSlam. But those are the breaks!”

– John Cena in an interview with Sports Town Chicago noted that he’s interested in wrestling against The Rock at WrestleMania once again. Cena is quoted as saying, “I think about Wrestlemania every single day, whether is for the WWE Championship or not. I would like another shot to face The Rock.”

– Meanwhile, CM Punk in an interview with the same show was critical of The Rock’s return to the company and how The Rock has been thrust into the main event stating, “I think it’s fantastic since he’s getting a title shot against me if I last that long. It’s nice to be vocally against somebody who’s just being handed things and then being the roadblock. Obviously, I was very vocal about Dwayne just marching in and getting to cherry-pick what days he shows up when he actually wants to be motivated to work and now he’s going to be in the ring with me. There’s no bringing 30 percent and there’s no days off. It’s me, it’s 100 percent me and it’s going to be a challenge for Dwayne.”

– Vince McMahon was unhappy with Roddy Piper’s appearance on last night’s WWE RAW, this according to a report from F4WOnline.com who noted that with Piper rambling on the mic, Vince McMahon instructed Michael Cole to bury the segment.

– Speaking throught his official Twitter account, TNA Impact Wrestling superstar Kurt Angle issued a response to comments made by CM Punk noting, “Punk wants to Say Tna Is An Indy League? I Was On top in Wwe when You Were trying to Get a Job Anywhere. It Was My Choice to go to Tna. … If I ever See You Punk, Hide B****!”

– There is talk within the company of JBL returning to the announcer’s desk in the next few weeks. JBL climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro in 6 weeks time as part of his Seven Summits Challenge.

– Today is a big day for Linda McMahon as voters in Connecticut will determine who the Republican nominee to challenge the Democrat nominee for the Connecticut U.S. Senate seat is, with polls closing at 8pm local time. Voters will be choosing between either McMahon or Christopher Shays.

– There is an expectation that Damien Sandow vs. Brodus Clay could be added to the WWE Summerslam pay-per-view on Sunday, with an announcement expected at tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings.

– The change in Ryback’s new theme is that the company wants fans to start chanting “Feed Me More” as soon as his entrance music hits.