The following results are from a recent Alba Championship Wrestling event. The event took place on February 17th, 2024 at the Greenfield Social Club in Hamilton, Scotland.

Battle Royal For The Carnage Hardcore Championship
Jam Dog (c) defeated Rory Shaw, Alex Clack, Alpha Male, Marc Munro, Spawn, Dan Carolan, Ronnie Thatcher, Reggie Thatcher, Danny K, DarkDuck, Glen Dunbar and Prince Dagon.

Singles Match
Jackal defeated Johnny Thunder.

Triple Threat Match For The ACW Outer Hebredies Championship & Arcadian Level Up Championship
Craig Forsyth (c) defeated Jordan Oliver and Euan G. Mackie.

CCW Tag Team Championships Match
The Paragons Of Apocalypse (Prince Dagon & Adrian Black) (w/Lilith) (c) defeated The Lilac Legion (Spawn & Persona) (w/Mr. McGregor).

Singles Match
KT Mills (w/Rugby Baker & Miss Jynx) defeated Simon G. Money.

2 Out Of 3 Falls Match For The ACW Alba Championship & CVW Heavyweight Championship
Special Guest Referee: Scott Renwick
David Devlin (c) defeated Tom Fulton to become the new ACW Alba Champion.