In an update on the MyFaction mode in the upcoming WWE 2K22 videogame, a report from SmackTalks notes that in a press call prior to the release of the “10 Features” trailer that the MyFaction mode will be a single player, offline mode.

The report notes that in regards to potential Virtual Currency purchases allowing for a pay-to-win style of gameplay, 2K confirmed that Virtual Currency will not offer any sort of competitive advantage for players in a pay-to-win situation and that items purchased with Virtual Currency can also be purchased with MyFaction points earned by simply playing the mode.

The mode, which will be part of the game upon release in March 2022, is said to be similar to NBA 2K’s MyTeam mode where players will be able to select the number of wrestlers in their new faction in the vein of famous factions such as the nWo (New World Order), D-Generation X and many more, levelling up their wrestlers and progressing via the game modes and challenges available.