In a recent interview with Jimmy Traina as part of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, WWE RAW commentator Adnan Virk revealed the praise that he received from WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon following his second week as WWE RAW commentator.

“I met him after the second show and he was great, he was really supportive and gave me great feedback. He’s giving real-time feedback, I know what he’s feeling, when you’re there, as a lifelong fan, there’s so much that goes through your mind when you see Vince McMahon. Obviously, you think of him and what he’s done on the air, but off-the-air, it’s one of the great American success stories ever. As I was talking to him, it’s tough not to think of all these accomplishments.”

Virk revealed that he re-watched his second week on WWE RAW to pick up on mistakes that he made, as well as what he can improve on in the future.

The interview is available in full at this link.