Limitless Wrestling announced on their social media channels that All Elite Wrestling superstar Shawn Spears has been pulled from their event this Friday, despite numerous attempts by the promotion to come to a resolution and the fact that Spears agreed to the appearance before signing his AEW contract.

We’ve got some unfortunate news to pass along, so let’s just jump into it. AEW has pulled Shawn Spears from our event this Friday in Portland for a video shoot, despite Limitless having an agreement with Shawn before his new contract was signed. We’ve monitored his status on this show with his agent WEEKLY leading up to Friday and were assured the date was locked. We’ve spent the past 24 hours submitting different travel solutions to Shawn’s agent & AEW to make it work for all parties, all of which were denied.

Tommy Dreamer will replace Shawn Spears against Anthony Greene at #VLC2019. VIP ticket holders will receive a free Tommy Dreamer Limitless Trading Card + a free autograph from Dreamer. Any VIP ticket holders who are not satisfied and would like a refund can email RandyCarver at

Unfortunately, with the wrestling industry continuously changing and new contracts arising, independent wrestling companies like Limitless will get the s*** end of the stick in scenarios like this. Our job is to always be up front and provide the best show possible for the best wrestling fans in the world. We’ll be doing it again this Friday & I hope to see you there. Thanks for sticking with us.

– Randy

Spears will be replaced on the event by ECW legend Tommy Dreamer.