In a post on his official Instagram account, AEW superstar Dax Harwood opened up on his past struggles with bulimia.

“Getting real for a second, I’ve always struggled with my weight. At one time, I was actually bulimic. My highest weight was 282lbs, which on a 5’10” frame is not very ‘attractive’ nor healthy, I’ve tried every diet, but they rarely worked, becuase I’m so afraid of food, I was scared of going backwards. With the help of my friend @ferlanbaileyifbbpro, he’s put me on a healthier path and continues to guide me along, even when I question him. More than a coach, he’s a great human being. If you have dietary or workout needs, this is the guy for you! Thank you Ferlan for all your help. Now, all you internet fans can go back to talking about my Dad bod and loose skin!”


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