In a recent interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan revealed that the company will be tightening restrictions when it comes to talents working independent wrestling events.

“I implemented a policy where people were only supposed to work indie shows when certain conditions were met, but there have been times when people did not take that seriously, so I have tightened up the restrictions. I’ll still allow it under certain conditions, but people need to look me in the eye and say that the conditions are being met. Our talent and their opponent need to be tested before the show and there also needs to be a good reason why the match is important. This is important for everyone’s safety, as well as important for our show.

I’ve been flexible in the past, because I thought it was good for the talent to have the opportunity to earn, as well as great for the fans and the indies as a whole. We also don’t run every night of the week, so it allows for talent to get extra reps too, so we have a policy and I’ll be enforcing it strictly. I am not going to end it, but we are taking a closer look at it, more so now than ever, people need to come to me directly about this. I am going to be strict about what people can and can’t do, but I won’t say you won’t see people make special appearances on independent shows, because I think there is a lot of merit to that.”

The interview is available in full at this link.