WWE SmackDown superstar AJ Styles, in a recent Twitch stream, discussed his thoughts on fans taking advantage of their slot in the WWE ThunderDome.

“I think the ThunderDome looks awesome, the fireworks and everything that comes with it, it’s really just making the best of a bad situation. Then, you have these other turds trying to get their five seconds of fame, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, you’re responsible for what you put on there you morons, I wouldn’t do anything stupid. If you put something on there that’s inappropriate, you are held liable, just think about that before you go and do something stupid.

It makes things a little bit more normal for you guys though, for us too. I can’t tell you how much more normal it feels for me, I actually have someone to look at out there, I’m not just looking at seats, there’s someone there and I can actually look at them. I’m happy to have it. Kenny Omega was in the ThunderDome and I saw that, but I’m pretty sure that was just a picture of Kenny, I highly doubt that was him watching the show, but that’s funny, if you’re making a joke, that’s funny, but if you’re tying to hurt the company or any other promotion, then that’s just not cool. We don’t want to hurt anybody, competition is a good thing for everybody, it really is. The competition is getting really, really good nowadays, that’s something that we should all be really happy about.”

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