Former WWE superstar Alberto del Rio (Alberto El Patron) was interviewed over the weekend by Mas Lucha, a Spanish-language news outlet, where he discussed his time in WWE, his Wellness Policy failure and more.

Del Rio claimed that he failed his WWE Wellness Policy testing because he was undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, for which he had a prescription from his doctor to undergo the therapy and said that the failure was not fair, however, when you sign a contract to work for a company, you have to adhere to their rules.

Del Rio also claimed that current WWE NXT superstar Andrade “Cien” Almas wants to return to Mexico and said that the problem with a Mexican talent going to the WWE is that they do not speak English and that anything they did before, they have to forget it all and start from the bottom all over again and once you go to the WWE, you have to abide by their rules. Del Rio said that Almas asked him if it is better on the main roster, to which Del Rio advised him that things will get worse once you get to the main roster.

Del Rio said that he plans to retire from the business within two years, so he has no plans to return to the WWE.