Former WWE Champion Alberto del Rio is scheduled for media appearances in the United States shortly to discuss more about what happened regarding his WWE departure, according to a report from The Wrestling Observer Newsletter who note that Del Rio’s representatives have contacted independent wrestling promoters in the United States, stating that Del Rio will be taking bookings for autograph signings and matches in the United States soon, because he doesn’t feel that the WWE’s one-year non-compete clause that prevents him from doing mixed-martial-arts and professional wrestling while not paying him will hold up in court, while also noting that Del Rio’s asking price for independent bookings is said to be extremely high.

The report also notes that Del Rio has been upset about WWE’s social media worker Cody Barbierri not being fired for the incident, however for legal reasons, he has not been saying anything like that publicly and that those close to the situation claimed that when Triple H informed Alberto del Rio about his departure, he told Del Rio to let the heat die down and that the company would re-hire him in 6 months, at which that point Del Rio informed Triple H that he wasn’t interested in returning to the company. The report states that top stars including John Cena, Randy Orton and The Big Show all told Del Rio that they would push for him to be re-hired as the locker room was sympathetic to what happened and felt that what happened shouldn’t have warranted Del Rio’s release, however Del Rio made it clear that he wasn’t interested in returning to the company.