In an interview with Sporting News, Alberto El Patron discussed the issues leading to his IMPACT Wrestling contract being terminated, noting that he did not appear on the IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground event in New Orleans due to a family situation.

“I had a family situation that I needed to attend. As you know, my family, my kids are my priority. The situation was involving them and that’s why I decided to take care of business and take care of my family situation. And that’s all that happened. And that comes to what I was just saying to you. I know people wanted to know absolutely everything. This only concerns my family: my parents, my sister, myself and my kids. And that’s the way it’s going to stay.”

For those who may have missed the story during the hecticness of WrestleMania week, IMPACT Wrestling terminated El Patron’s contract during last weekend after he failed to appear at the IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground event on Friday, April 6th and a subsequent promotional appearance at WrestleCon the following morning, April 7th, despite previously appearing at a press conference on Friday to push the Redemption pay-per-view.

There were conflicting reports that El Patron informed the company that he was sick, which is why he missed the show, while other reports state that the locker room was of the belief that El Patron had purposely blown-off the show and decided not to appear.

A story that circulated among IMPACT Wrestling talent was that IMPACT Wrestling’s Ed Nordholm was staying at the same hotel as El Patron and had attempted to check on him, but got no response, leading to great concern and that Nordholm considered calling the police to make a wellness check on him before learning that El Patron had returned home.

El Patron, who was the highest-paid talent in IMPACT Wrestling, noted in the interview with Sporting News that he didn’t want to end things with IMPACT Wrestling the way it happened, but that he is fine and focusing on other endeavors.

“I’m fine. Of course, it’s difficult because it’s never good to go that way. Our relationship wasn’t pretty good or completely good. And this was just something that ended up breaking it. I’m fine, I guess. I’m going to do what I was planning on doing, as everybody knows I planning on leaving the pro wrestling business in the next year. I have said it several times over and over. And it’s because of some of these things where everybody thinks they can get their nose into your business. Is it right to know absolutely everything about you? It’s not. I’m just going to continue to do that and doing my stuff here, in Mexico like exactly how I was doing it and sometime next year and say goodbye to the pro wrestling business.”

The interview is available in full at this link.