GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron and WWE superstar Paige were guests on Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio earlier today to publicly address the Orlando International Airport incident back on July 9th and the subsequent fallout from that incident, including Patron still remaining suspended by Global Force Wrestling.

Paige started the call and noted that the two of them are laughing about the situation now, but that the situation was a media nightmare for them and their families and said that they argue like a normal couple, but since they are under the media spotlight, it was presented like it was a massacre and said that they are waiting for the official report to come out, so people can see what really happened and admitted that while they shouldn’t argue in public, they are a couple and can’t shy away from living and joked that sometimes, they say mean things when they fight. Alberto El Patron then said that Paige is a beautiful girl from England and he’s a handsome guy from Mexico and they don’t want to be the celebrity types who live locked inside their houses and said that even the Sergeant in Orlando told them that it was nothing. Alberto said that they argued like a normal couple and it was a bad day and the internet told a bunch of lies, before noting that they have been waiting for the official report to come out, because today, it doesn’t matter what you say, because the internet will say what they want and said that they have strong personalities and they go all the way, whether they are loving or fighting and described themselves as passionate people and said that it was just the case of them being angry and saying things that they don’t really feel and that they decided to make it a big deal.

Alberto said that they have short tempers and sometimes, they get into a fight for 20 minutes and tell each other that they don’t want to see each other anymore and 3 minutes later, they are fine and said that there is no one more passionate than they are. Bully Ray, who was the co-host on the show, asked them to expand on what were lies and untruths that have been passed on. Paige said that there was a story about her being arrested in San Antonio, when she wasn’t even in the Orlando system and said that 90% of the things that came out about the incident were wrong. Paige said that Alberto said something that he should not have said and ended up with a drink over his head and joked that he should have gotten the entire plate of spaghetti instead. Alberto reiterated that he did indeed state something mean that he should not have said and noted that it was a mean comment. Alberto said that he felt humiliated as he was surrounded by people and reacted angrily, but 3 minutes later, the police asked him what he wanted to and he told them nothing, so the police let them go and advised them both to go their separate ways until the matter calmed down. Paige said that people should not do what they did, especially if they are in public. Alberto said that sometimes, when you argue, things come out and then 3 minutes later, you’re fine and said that they were refusing to live life like they are celebrities and wanted to live like normal people, but they were in the public eye and said that he was not saying that their behavior was not bad, because it was, but he’s trying to teach his kids to act a certain way and he himself should have been doing the same in the public eye, with fans or just being out in the public and said that they inspire people from all over the world to be better people and show them that if they dream something, they can accomplish them and see their dreams become reality.

Paige said that she wants to apologize, specifically to the younger fans and said that they should not have acted in the way that they did. Bully said that they are saying everything is great, but at the same time, Paige’s family have noted that they are very concerned about her well being. Paige said that she loves her family, but some of the media stuff is scary to look at and they are reacting to those stories. Paige said that her family is doing well, with the exception of her uncle who passed away yesterday. Alberto said that their families found out about everything through social media and the internet and that is not nice, saying that they did not really know what was going on until they spoke with them. Alberto said that they were concerned that someone was arrested and said that his family stays away from social media and the internet, so when they hear something, they wait and call them to see what is going on, with Paige noting that her family believed the internet b******* and reacted accordingly. Alberto said that they were waiting for the official report, because it does not matter what you say until that report comes out.

Bully said that Alberto has not been charged and is totally free and cleared and asked him if he was still suspended by Global Force Wrestling. Alberto said that they are trying to do things differently from how they are usually done in pro wrestling and said that rules should apply to everyone. Alberto said that in Combate Americas, he was always pushing for fines if fighters did not make weight or were not ready for fights and said that Global Force Wrestling needed to conduct their own investigation and he understands that. Alberto said that he was okay with the suspension and everything is clear with the company he gets to go back to work soon, stating that he does not know when that will be, because he has been wrestling in Mexico, but he will be back soon. Paige said that she will be returning to WWE soon and noted that she had a CT scan earlier today and that she can’t wait to get back to work from her surgery back in October last year. Paige said that she is ready to go back and see the other women and that she is excited to see all the new women such as Bayley, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss and noted that she was so happy to see Naomi as SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Alberto was asked if he would be at the Global Force Wrestling live events this weekend and said that would not happen as they set a date for the suspension to be lifted and they all agreed that they would be okay with the suspension because you should be treated the same way no matter where in the card you are and said that he would be back with Global Force Wrestling very soon, noting that an announcement will be made as soon as he is in touch with his bosses. Bully Ray asked them if they were genuinely happy to be together and if they saw this relationship lasting. Paige said that Alberto at times can be an a******, but he’s her a******. Alberto said that they want to be together and you never know what will happen in the future, but they have been working to make it work for over a year in this relationship and whether they are supported by others or not, they are together and happy. Alberto said that something bad happens and people ignore the good and forget about it and said that Paige has been helping him and taking care of his kids from day one and noted that when he left the WWE and when she went through neck surgery, they were there for one another and said that Paige goes everywhere with him to support him. Alberto said that they bring positives to each others’ lives and that one bad thing on the internet or social media makes everything else forgotten.