Major League Wrestling sent out the following:

Kane vs. Mr. Thomas Opera Cup clash July 12 in St. Petersburg

Friends collide in their quest for the Opera Cup

MLW have announced an Opera Cup round 1 bout: Alex Kane vs. Mr. Thomas at the beIN SPORTS TV taping portion of MLW Blood & Thunder’24, from the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL on Friday, July 12.

This rare and intriguing first round bout in the oldest tournament in pro wrestling was made by the Opera Cup Championship Committee, made up of the promoters from around the world in alliance with Major League Wrestling.

This highly anticipated first time ever clash will be part of the BeIN SPORTS portion of the taping.

For the first time ever, Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas, two great friends and fierce competitors, will square off in the ring. Their bond and mutual respect set the stage for a match fueled by passion for the sport and the desire to make history by winning the Opera Cup.

As members of the Bomaye Fight Club, this fight takes on a unique dynamic. Mr. Thomas, the master strategist of the fight team, has seen every single one of Kane’s matches, as his most trusted confidant and cornerman. Will this intimate in-ring knowledge give him the upper hand against his friend and competitor?

Since signing with MLW in 2021, Alex Kane, a former MLW World Heavyweight and National Openweight Champion, has set his sights on winning the Opera Cup. With each match, he’s grown closer to that dream. Could 2024 be the year he finally captures the coveted trophy?

The Opera Cup, with its rich history dating back to the 1800s, has seen many wrestling luminaries hold the title. Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas are fighting not just for victory but to join the ranks of those legendary figures who have made their mark in wrestling history.

Don’t miss Alex Kane vs. Mr. Thomas as they put their friendship and skills to the ultimate test in the first round of the Opera Cup.

Get your tickets now at and see it go down Friday, July 12 in St. Petersburg, FL.