In an interview with to promote this Sunday’s WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view, WWE RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss discussed several topics, including why the recent arrival of Ronda Rousey to the WWE helps legitimize the company’s Women’s Evolution.

“It’s so great to be a woman in sports nowadays. It’s fantastic. We have women who are the forefront and trailing the way for everyone else. I think it’s great and it shows women in a different light. Women are getting more respect for honing their craft and knowing what they can do. Even in WWE, women are at the forefront of that with this women’s evolution.

Now with having Ronda Rousey, who has made a name for herself with UFC, and bringing her on board with what we do really legitimizes anyone’s question for what we do. It is tough and to have someone with her caliber develop and learn shows that it’s not easy as people think it is. It shows that we’re just as strong the men, we’re just as good as the men and now it’s our time to show it and prove it.”

The interview is available in full at this link.