WWE RAW superstar Alexa Bliss shared a very emotional moment with a fan battling an eating disorder at the MegaCon in Orlando during a question and answer session.

During the session, a young girl in the audience revealed that she was recovering from an eating disorder, asking Bliss if she was ever told that she was too small to do certain things. Bliss, who has openly mentioned her battle with anorexia in the past, walked to the edge of the stage and asked the girl to approach her, taking her by the hand and gave the girl the same encouragement that she once received.

Alexa told the girl to not let anyone ever tell he that she can’t do anything, because even though the girl is struggling, she has been there herself. Bliss said that she remembers having someone tell her that she could get through it and that it did not have to define her. Bliss told the girl that she can’t let anyone ever tell her what she can or can’t do and that she is so happy that the girl is getting help and getting healthier, noting that the girl was beautiful both on the inside and the outside and told the girl to not let anyone determine her self worth before hugging the girl.