In an interview with The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Alison Brie commented on Chavo Guerrero training her for the Netflix series GLOW and how Chavo’s uncle, Mando Guerrero, was the trainer of the original women involved with GLOW.

“We were a bit nervous about that ourselves! But we trained with Chavo Guerrero, Jr., who is a pro wrestler and is from a wrestling legacy. His father was a pro wrestler, so it’s major. He was the real expert on everything and taught the moves and the nomenclature.

Chavo is the best and Chavo’s uncle, Mando Guerrero, trained the original women of GLOW, so that’s like a cool connection. We would bring in moves and be like, ‘Look at this cool move! Let’s do that!’ And he’d be like, ‘No, that move wasn’t invented until 1994. We can’t do that on this show.'”

The interview is available in full at this link.