In a series of posts on her official Twitter account, Allison Danger (Cathy Corino) commented on her time as a WWE Performance Center coach prior to her release from the company yesterday.

Danger’s post reads, “Thank you @NXTMattBloom, Thank you @ShawnMichaels, Thank you @WWE. The ride was short, but absolutely amazing. I’ll forever be grateful for your warmth and giving this old gal a shot at living her dream. Thank you all the coaches, I love each and every one of you. Thank you to ever single person at the PC. You guys made coming to work every day so damn easy and enjoyable. A HUGE thank you to the best big brother in the world @StevenCorino. Working next to you has been the absolute BEST. Dos Corinos forever. Today is tough, but I’m surrounded with so much love. 30 Days. Danger. LFG. Thanks to @StevenCorino and @TedLasso, I know there is a quote hidden in that absolute gem of a show that will help my heart today. But ‘Be A Goldfish’ is not one right now, because I don’t want to forget a second of this journey.”