Amanda Huber, the wife of the late Jon ‘Brodie Lee’ Huber was a recent guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, where in a very emotional episode, she discussed his passing and dispelled rumors online in recent weeks.

Amanda said that Jon began to experience a shortness of breath on the same day that he had recorded his appearance on the AEW Unrestricted podcast back in mid-October and that on that same day, he was unable to finish a workout on his Peloton bike, which led to him being immediately concerned about COVID-19, as that was unusual for him and revealed that Jon had a normal temperature and no symptoms connected with COVID-19, including no loss of sense, smell or taste, but that the next day, he had the same experience and once again was unable to finish his workout.

Amanda revealed that the following day was an AEW Dynamite taping and that Jon had told AEW’s Dr. Sampson about his issues and tested negative for COVID-19, but the decision was made to not let him into the AEW bubble, so Jon travelled back home and was not at the event, which at this point meant that he was quarantined away from Amanda and their children. The very next day, Jon had developed a high fever and had no appetite and went and got a COVID nasal swab, with the results coming back three days later that he was once again negative for COVID-19, however while he was awaiting those results, he went to an urgent care center and was diagnosed with bronchitis and allergies, which he disagreed with and stated that he felt as if he had pneumonia at this point. Amanda stated that Jon was given allergy medication, as well as an oral steroid and antibiotics, but that by Sunday, the day that he received the negative COVID-19 test result, she noted his face looked sunken in and that he was in distress. Amanda revealed that Jon went to a hospital and needed to lean on her as he walked and that he refused a wheelchair.

Amanda noted that Jon’s fever had broken, but his oxygen level was 52, much less than even someone having an asthma attack, which led to him being immediately placed on oxygen and again testing negative for COVID-19. Jon was moved to an Intensive Care Unit and depending on the day, his health would improve and then fall backwards and that at this time, several people from AEW started to reach out to her to offer help, including Chris Harrington, but she initially turned down their help, partially to keep the issues from spreading as gossip and ending up in the public eye.

Amanda revealed that on Halloween, Jon’s doctor told her that he needed to be moved to another hospital and that she decided upon the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida as there were connections to the city via All Elite Wrestling and that at this point, Jon was going to potentially need a lung transplant and would need to immediately go on an ECMO machine, which keeps the lungs and heart operating properly in a mechanical way while a patient is put under and that doctors advised her to go home, pack a bag and return and not to see him as they worried that she could upset Jon and make things worse for him, as she was obviously so upset.

Amanda then recalled that their son Brodie Jr wanted to be Orange Cassidy for Halloween, which she thought was silly as no one would know who he was dressed as, but that Jon told her to “go buy him a f****** denim jacket”, which were among his last words to her and that they were really looking forward to Halloween, because it would have been the first one where Jon would actually be able to be with his family for the day, instead of being on the road and that on Halloween, Amanda told Brodie Jr that Jon was going to another hospital where they were going to do their best to take care of him and said that she did not want to lie to their son and tell him that everything would be okay, as they could not know and that this was a serious situation.

Amanda revealed that she took photos of the kids in costume to show Jon when she arrived back at the hospital, but received a call that he had been intubated after crashing, as she started to prepare a travel bag and that when she returned to his room, Jon had a tube down his throat and his room looked trashed from all the activity and that by 1am that night, they boarded a plane and were flown to Jacksonville. Amanda stated that on November 1st, Jon was placed on the ECMO machine and prepared for surgery at the Mayo Clinic, with the expectation that he would need to undergo a lung transplant and that she visited the AEW locker room at the 2020 AEW Full Gear pay-per-view to tell the locker room about the situation and how dire it was and asked them to please, even though it was pro wrestling, to keep Jon’s health issues private, which she noted everyone did.

Amanda noted that All Elite Wrestling covered her entire hotel cost, even though she initially insisted on paying for it herself and that in this time, Jon once again tested negative for COVID-19, began to show signs of improving and had been removed from the ventilator after undergoing a tracheotomy, was awake, but could not speak due to the tracheotomy, but would mouth words and communicate non-verbally, noting that he began physical therapy and was back on oxygen.

Amanda noted that in late November, Jon had a panic attack, which she stated is when things began to get worse and that in December, they continued to get worse and said that she knew that there would be setbacks as he recovered, but that it just kept going in the wrong direction. Amanda revealed that the idea of a lung transplant was broached again and at this point, she was told that it was either the transplant or end of life care and that Jon had developed an infection in his lungs around the middle of December.

Amanda revealed that it was around this time that Chris Jericho had Brodie Jr flown to Jacksonville to attend an AEW Dynamite taping and spend some time with the locker room and that other than his father coming home, it was what Brodie Jr wanted the most for his birthday. Amanda said that she kept waiting to hear about whether Jon would be receiving the transplant, but heard nothing, which she assumed to be that he would not and revealed that Jon had been turned down by transplant doctors, but that there was one doctor that kept wanting to try every potential option and did not give up on Jon as they continued to get turned down by transplant center and waited for news from others, noting that she would check in every other day with the hospital, but did not want to speak to them otherwise as she did not want to hear bad news and that she went home to be with her children for Christmas.

Amanda noted that on Christmas Eve, a doctor called and told her that they needed to begin end of life care and told her that Jon’s heart and kidneys were failing and said that she refused to leave her kids for Christmas, even though she knew that meant there was a huge chance that she might not be there with Jon when he passed. Amanda said that the family tried to have as much of a normal Christmas Day as possible, with her brother-in-law and sister-in-laws coming in to Tampa and that on Christmas night, they left the children with her mother-in-law and drove to Jacksonville, noting that on the way, she called Cody Rhodes and Big E and asked if they would be with her when she had to tell Brodie Jr the unfortunate news that his father had passed, noting that Big E is his favorite wrestler, while Cody had been through his own father passing away and had remained close with Amanda through everything that the family went through.

Amanda noted that on December 26th, Jon passed away, with his official cause of death listed as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and hoped that the autopsy, which at the time of recording, they do not yet have the results for, could provide details as to what happened. Amanda noted that Big E, Cody Rhodes, Shawn Spears, Megha from AEW’s legal department and Margaret from AEW’s PR department all came to say goodbye to Jon and said that she has talked in great detail on her Instagram account about the support she has had from Megha and Margaret through the entire ordeal.

Amanda said that due to COVID-19 concerns, there was no official service for Jon and said that she gets really angry if someone claims that All Elite Wrestling are exploiting or using her family, commenting that the company are going above and beyond to let her 8 year old son have a connection to his father through living out his favorite thing in the world and said that she had requested to come on the AEW Unrestricted podcast to clear the air on her husband’s passing.

The episode is available in full at this link.