In a post on his official Twitter account, Lucha Underground and AAA superstar Angélico announced that as of January 1st, 2018, he will no longer reside in Mexico and wrestle for AAA and Lucha Underground and will be residing in Barcelona, Spain as he looks to expand his talents on a worldwide scale.

The statement in full reads, “I would like to announce that as of January 1st, 2018, I will no longer reside in Mexico and wrestle for AAA. I would like to thank everyone at AAA for the experience and adventure of the last 4 years. More so, I want to say goodbye to my beloved lucha libre and Mexico. I arrived for 3 months training, with the intention of following my idols footsteps and learning true lucha and 9 years later, I call Mexico a home and hybrid lucha libre my art form. I want to thank Ultimo Dragon, Negro Navarro, Konnan and every co-worked I ever had faced. I learnt from all of you. Goodbye for now to the beautiful adventure of lucha libre. Now, I open a new chapter, with the motivation to prove my hybrid lucha libre against Europe and the world’s best. Taking my bookings personally for 2018 out of Barcelona, Spain. Contact me at”