In an interview with The Financial Post, Anthem Sports & Entertainment owner Leonard Asper discussed a variety of topics, including why his company made the decision to purchase IMPACT Wrestling.

Anthem, who noted that he grew up a professional wrestling fan watching Verne Gagne’s AWA with his brother, said that IMPACT Wrestling was the second highest-rated piece of programming on The Fight Network and that while he likes sports, he wasn’t purchasing IMPACT Wrestling because he’s a wrestling fanatic and was simply looking at it as a business decision, noting that as a company, they want to own content and noted that the plan is for the company to resume their live tours later this year.

Asper also commented on the departure of former IMPACT Wrestling President Billy Corgan from the company, with the article noting that the purchase put Anthem into a legal situation with Corgan, however Asper noted that the relationship was not beyond repairing stating that Billy was going to do some other things in the wrestling world and that they said that when they got all of the blocking and tackling done, they would reconvent and see what they could do together.

The interview is available in full at this link.