The following results are from a recent Association les Professionnels du Catch event. The event took place on April 14th, 2024 at the Studio Jenny in Nanterre, France.

Singles Match
Salem defeated Nate Prince.

Singles Match
Josh T defeated Zack Eriti.

Tag Team Match
Ricky Sosa & Mecca defeated Rivality (Ultima Sombra & MBM).

Singles Match
Joseph Fenech Jr. defeated Tristan Archer.

Triple Threat Match For The APC Championship
Thiago Montero (c) defeated Christian Le Surrealiste and A-Buck.

Singles Match
Aigle Blanc defeated Georges Balzac.

APC Tag Team Championships Match
Niouks (Ravage & Kuro) (c) defeated MxM (Mason Madden & Mansoor).