In a recent interview with Steve Fall as part of the Ten Count podcast, WWE NXT superstar Apollo Crews discussed several topics, including his decision to return to the brand.

“I’m having a great time, because the opportunity to kind of change your career, because it kind of had slowed down for me there for a while where it was just like, obviously I don’t see anything happening any time soon, weeks were just going by, whereas we had a great run with the character, the Nigerian character, and then, it kind of just stopped where it was like okay, so what’s next.

I knew something needed to be done, where it was like, maybe I need to get away from this character and then, find something else, so I definitely was all on board for coming back and kind of finding something new, trying something different, and seeing what would happen. It’s probably one of the better decision that I made. You know, for the last six months, I’ve kind of just been able to be me and show the side that I felt like people should have seen from the beginning where I am kind of more comfortable on camera now.”

The full interview is available at this link.