In a recent interview with Steve Fall as part of the Ten Count podcast, WWE NXT superstar Apollo Crews discussed several topics, including WWE NXT Premium Live Events returning to the road.

“It’s great, because a lot of the people who have joined NXT after the pandemic haven’t even got to experience that type of travel, so for them, it’s going to be great. For us who have experienced it, it’s going to be great as well, because I remember my debut was at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, the first time we went out there and got to wrestling Brooklyn, so it’s kind of like one of those things that comes back full circle.

Hopefully, I won’t say hopefully, but definitely, I’ll be walking into that Premium Live Event as well in Charlotte as the NXT Champion, so again, I’m excited not just for myself, but for everybody to get to experience that and the fans that get to see us again on the road live, it’s going to be great for everybody, I can’t wait, I’m excited.”

The full interview is available at this link.