The United States Patent and Trademark Office partially suspended current NWA President Bruce Tharpe’s registration of National Wrestling Alliance trademark, which was filed for in March after it expired in December 2016, on June 4th due to a likelihood of confusion with a registered mark and under Trademark Act Sections 1 and 45 for failure to show the applied-for mark in use in commerce with any of the specified goods in Class 25. The applicant was also informed that the marks in two pending applications present a potential bar to registration under Section 2(d), if registered. In addition, applicant was required to provide an amended definite identification of goods, provide information relevant to examination under 37 C.F.R. §2.61(b), clarify the mark description, provide clarification regarding the claimed dates of first use, and provide clarification regarding the applicant’s claim of concurrent use.

For those wondering, based on the ruling, the issue at play seems to be related to the merchandising of the NWA brand, specifically that the NWA name may come into conflict with other existing applications featuring a similar brand name and that Tharpe in his application, did not show adequate prood that the brand was currently being used in commerce, for example, was actually being sold.

Several weeks ago, it was reported that the Billy Corgan purchase of the National Wrestling Alliance was in jeopardy, however both sides have continued discussions, but it is unknown as to whether the suspension of the NWA trademark will have any bearing on the plans Corgan has to purchase the promotion.