The following results are from a recent Academy Pro Wrestling event. The event took place on July 6th, 2024 at the Dawley Town Hall in Telford, England.

Singles Match
Kieran McQueen defeated Jason Joshua.

APW Championship Match
Luke Basham (c) defeated Steven Keane.

OTC Heavyweight Championship Match
Big Van Wesker (c) defeated Regan.

Tag Team Match
TID (Woody Anderson & Kenny Temple) defeated Steven Keane & Ashley Dun.

APW Tag Team Championships Match
Enemy Of The State (Kieran Young & Fixer Ste) defeated TJ Sky & Johnny GG to become the new Champions. Johnny GG was a replacement for Eddie Cobain in the match.

Intergender Singles Match
Chloe Nightshade defeated Tommy Gunn.

Ladder Match
The Judge defeated MJ Grayson, Aiden Potter, Mike Wyld, Alex Connors, Liam Porter, Charles Kelsey and Joe Black.

APW Championship Match
The Judge defeated Luke Basham to become the new Champions.