A collection of matches from former WWE NXT Women’s Champion Asuka will be added to the WWE Network tomorrow in anticipation of her debut on the main roster. Titled Asuka: The Undefeated Empress Collection, the collection will look back at her NXT debut to her relinquishing the NXT Women’s Championship while being undefeated throughout her entire run with WWE NXT.

The full list of content is below:

NXT 09/23/2015 – Embracing a Change
The future of NXT changes forever when General Manager William Regal introduces the brand’s newest acquisition, Asuka.

NXT TakeOver: Respect – Earning Respect
Asuka shows the NXT Universe why she is worthy of respect in her debut match against Dana Brooke.

NXT 10/21/2015 – Battling a Femme Fatale
Billie Kay’s status as the Femme Fatale of NXT is put to the test when she goes one-on-one with Asuka.

NXT 11/04/2015 – Total Dominance
The NXT Universe discovers the total dominance of Asuka when she takes to the ring to battle Cameron.

NXT 11/25/2015 – Winning Ways
Asuka’s uncanny ability to win matches is on display when she faces off against Dana Brooke.

NXT 12/09/2015 – Knocking Out the Competition
Asuka continues to unleash a devastating barrage of moves during a one-on-one battle with Deonna Purrazzo.

NXT TakeOver: London – A Foreign Invasion
When NXT journeys across the pond, Asuka looks to continue her winning streak by battling Emma.

NXT 02/03/2016 – As Dangerous as Ever
Santana Garrett learns why Asuka is the most dangerous woman in NXT when she goes one-on-one with The Empress of Tomorrow.

NXT 02/17/2016 – The Unstoppable Empress
Deonna Purrazzo’s efforts at redemption against Asuka prove futile when The Empress continues to prove how dangerous she is.

NXT 03/23/2016 – The Road to Dallas
Before her golden opportunity in Dallas, Asuka takes to the ring to go one-on-one with Emma.

NXT TakeOver: Dallas – Tomorrow Arrives!
Asuka looks to cement her place in NXT history by challenging Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship.

NXT 04/27/2016 – Seeing Red
With Nia Jax in her corner, Eva Marie steps up to try her luck against the undefeated Asuka in singles action.

NXT TakeOver: The End – A Challenge Unlike Most
Asuka is faced with a monstrous challenge as she defends the NXT Women’s Championship against Nia Jax.

NXT 08/03/2016 – Sending a Message
Asuka uses a one-on-one battle with Aliyah to send a message to the Number One Contender for the NXT Women’s Title, Bayley.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II – No Feel Good Ending
Bayley finds herself faced with a hard truth when she tries to reclaim the NXT Women’s Championship from Asuka.

NXT 09/28/2016 – You Only Liv Once
Liv Morgan looks to make a name for herself in NXT by trying to end Asuka’s incredible undefeated streak.

NXT 10/26/2016 – New Competition
Thea Trinidad’s NXT debut is met with misfortune as she is tasked with taking on Asuka in singles action.

NXT TakeOver: Toronto – What Really Matters
Asuka shows everyone what really matters by putting the NXT Women’s Championship on the line against Mickie James.

NXT 12/28/2016 – A Hometown Advantage
In her hometown of Osaka, Japan, Asuka defends the NXT Women’s Championship against Nia Jax.

NXT TakeOver: San Antonio – Defying the Odds
The odds are stacked against Asuka when she defends the NXT Women’s Championship in a Fatal 4-Way Match.

NXT 03/01/2017 – Evading the Venus Fly Trap
Asuka continues to take on all challengers by defending the NXT Women’s Championship against Peyton Royce.

NXT 03/22/2017 – Preparing for an Eclipse
Just days before meeting the biggest threat to her reign as NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka takes to the ring to face Priscilla Zuniga.

NXT TakeOver: Orlando – Bad Moon Rising
Asuka’s reign as NXT Women’s Champion is threatened by her most dangerous adversary, Ember Moon.

NXT TakeOver: Chicago – Windy City Showdown
Asuka defends the NXT Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot in a Triple Threat Match.

NXT 06/14/2017 – A Threat Revisited
Asuka is faced with a familiar threat when she puts the NXT Women’s Title on the line against Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot once more.

NXT 06/28/2017 – Last Woman Standing
Nikki Cross looks to knock Asuka off her pedestal by challenging her for the NXT Women’s Title in a Last Woman Standing Match.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III – The Undefeated Champion
In her last match in NXT, Asuka makes history by defending the NXT Women’s Title against Ember Moon.

NXT 09/06/2017 – Going Out on Top
Asuka’s legacy as the first undefeated NXT Women’s Champion is cemented when she relinquishes her title before leaving the brand.