In an update on the Orlando Airport incident involving Unified GFW Global Champion and IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron and WWE women’s wrestler Paige back on July 9th, Keith McMahon, the attorney for both individuals, took to his Twitter account posting pictures of what he stated was the case report related to the incident.

The report, which listed Jose Rodriguez (Alberto El Patron) as the victin, noted that the offender (which Paige later revealed was her) was not suspected of using drugs or alcohol and listed the weapon as “Hands/Fist/Feet”. McMahon stated that the case report proves that there was no “physical harm” and “no arrests” made and categorized the situation as an argument between a couple that others exploited.

While the matter has gone quiet over the past couple of days, the Orlando Police Department did state that their investigation revealed that Paige, based on the evidence uncovered, could be charged with domestic violence battery, but that decision would be up to the State Prosecutor’s office, which has yet to move forward on those charges. If Paige is charged, then she will be immediately suspended indefinitely by the WWE under their domestic abuse policy until the case is resolved, however should she be convicted, then she will be released immediately from the WWE. In the case of Alberto El Patron, Global Force Wrestling suspended their current Champion in the wake of the incident and have yet to rescind that suspension. Dutch Mantel, who worked with Alberto El Patron in WWE as the Zeb Colter character, noted during a conference call with the media yesterday that an internal investigation by Global Force Wrestling into the situation remains ongoing as Global Force Wrestling owners Anthem Media were taking the situation very seriously.