Former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Dave Bautista was a guest on MMA Uncensored on Spike TV last night promoting his October 6th MMA debut against Rashid Evans (NOT the UFC fighter) in Providence, Rhode Island. In the interview, Batista was asked about a potential return to the WWE and noted that he would of course like to return to the company at some point down the line and noted that he left on good terms and that the door is open for him to go back and do something, however he’s hoping that the whole PG thing can blow over so wrestling can be wrestling again.

Batista was then asked who he would want to work with in the WWE and noted that he was still close with the likes of Triple H and The Undertaker, however looking back, he never had the chance to do anything with Brock Lesnar and it’s a program that he’d like to do. The question was then asked if Batista would face Lesnar in an MMA fight, to which Batista stated that he’d take the fight if it was offered and the deal was right, but personally, he would prefer if it was inside a professional wrestling ring.