In an interview with WWE Digital, 2024 Women’s WWE Royal Rumble Winner Bayley discussed several topics, including her history with Naomi and Natalya, the appearances of TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace and former AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill in the match and more.

“Going out there and being in the ring with Naomi and Natalya, and that first three of us, legends. My first time doing anything on the main roster, I was on a UK tour and it was me and Natalya versus Team B.A.D., so they’re the girls that really helped me get comfortable and took me in, so being in there with them, they have been through everything, generations of this division and are still here helping everyone out, that was incredible.

I’m happy to have Naomi back, and Jordynne Grace, very big surprise to be honest, which is cool, seeing someone come from a different world, and everybody was, we like throwing those surprise out there, she’s super solid, very strong, I’d stay away from her, and having Jade finally come out just seems like there’s so much potential there, and everyone’s really excited to see what she did and she proved her presence with so many different moments she had there. I was close to eliminating her though, so she should be scared of me.”