In a recent interview with Peter Rosenberg as part of ESPN’s Cheap Heat podcast, 2021 Women’s WWE Royal Rumble match winner Bianca Belair discussed several topics, including why she believes that a hair vs. hair match on WWE programming is inevitable.

“People bring it up all the time and they ask do I ever think I’ll ever be a part of that, I think it’s pretty much inevitable because I mean, so much of who I am is my braid, I mean she even has a name. Her name is Destiny and it makes sense right and I think that it’s really fun to have feuds sometimes that aren’t always a part of the title picture and if I have a hair versus hair match, I ain’t going to say it’s bigger than a title. A title is pretty big you know, but there will be a lot at stake and I think a lot of people could get very invested in it. I don’t want to lose my braid, I don’t want to lose my hair, but I think it would be great, I’d be down for it.”

The interview is available in full at this link.