In a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, former WWE Champion Big E provided an update on his injury, noting that while a year has passed for him to get checked before an in-ring return could happen, he still hasn’t underwent that testing yet.

“I still haven’t gotten the one-year check-ups yet, we’re actually going to do that when we get back home after WrestleMania, early April, during that first week, we’ll get another set of scans.

Right now, the issue was, the thought was after three months I should be ready, but because of the nature of my fracture, I broke my C1 in two places, and it’s a Jefferson fracture, sometimes unfortunately with that injury, thankfully there’s no displacement, so we didn’t need to have surgery and all the bones were still in place to hopefully heal together properly.

It’s healing fibrously, meaning it’s connected enough that I can walk around and no one is concerned that I’m going to be in any pain or have any issues, but it’s not ossifying yet, it’s not turning completely into bone. To deal with the rigors of bumping and doing what we do on a nightly basis, you want to make sure that your C1 is completely ossified, it’s all bone and it’s in the best shape possible.

The plan is to get more scans at the first week of April, have the doctors review them and make a decision from there. Your C1 is an important bone and I want to make the best decision health-wise for myself, you don’t want to rush. I have been in rehab for 9 months working on strength and range of motion, and all of that has been great, that’s where we’re at right now, we’ll get the scans and move on from there.”