In an update on the Marvel Comics/Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide collaboration, which officially kicked off last night at the TripleMania XXVIII event with a match featuring Tortura Purpura & Venenoide defeating Leyenda Americana and Aracno, the roles of all four were portrayed by surprising names for the event and not by emerging wrestlers.

The role of Tortura Purpura, which was based on Thanos, was portrayed by All Elite Wrestling superstar Brian Cage, while the role of Venenoide, which was based on Venom, was portrayed by Black Taurus.

The role of Leyenda Americana, based on Captain America, was portrayed by Daga, while the role of Aracno, which was based on Spiderman, was portrayed by former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush.

The identity of the woman, who appeared to be based off Captain Marvel that appeared after the match, stating that this was just the beginning is currently unknown.